Welcome to my digital art space.

My work combines chemistry and physics with abstract art styles. It means to explore the molecular world and make it visible for the eye. Chemistry happens every day, every moment. It provides diverse appearances in shape and color creating its own pure aesthetics. My goal is to explore the potential of constant molecular changes as an art form and reveal the immanent impressionist and expressive potential of shape, structure and color. The output of a lab on canvas- The chemically dominated technique gives us a language which magnifies detail and enables us to see the microscopic world in macroscopic context.

Feel free to browse my website, see me in my studio or visit one of my exhibitions. Get really close to see new art work, and get even closer to see how it „lives“ and developes according to the conditions it is presented in – light, darkness, moisture, thermal energy.

The finished work is just the beginning!

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Thema von Anders Norén