Copper on Canvas

Copper is one of my favorite metals because of its broad color spectrum after chemical treatment. It will continue to change its surface over time. Reactions will go on and let art on canvas „live“ depending on its surrounding conditions. A unique piece of art becoming very personal to its new owner and the surroundings in which it is presented- nothing to put away in a locker!

You can see some of my 2018 copper works below. Unfortunately on a foto you can only try to imagine the plastic appearance of the original art work. Visit one of my exhibitions or contact me for a studio visit to have a personal encounter and get really close with the art. Only then will you be able to see the fascinating effect that these works may appear quite dramatic and expressive from adequate distance, while the microstructure will show a huge and delicate variety of impressionist color gradients. Other works will appear quite impressionistic until you approach them closely and see the vibrant colors and landscape-like structures on canvas.


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