Born 1988 in New Haven, CT, USA my family and I moved between Germany and the US until I graduated from school 2006 and began my bachelor of science in Space Engineering in
Munich. From 2008 to 2016 I studied Medicine in Frankfurt. During this time I began experimenting with different art techniques (mostly acrylics). 2016 I started working in the University Hospital of Psychiatry in Bern (Switzerland) as a physician and neuroscientist. During this time my dedication for art grew even bigger and determination to intensify my interests was tangible.

Since 2017 I work and live in the city of Aarau between Basel and Zurich. In my art studio I constantly expand my knowledge and repertoire of techniques to molecularly form art. I developed different solutions to oxidize metals, catalyze chemical reactions and grow crystals on canvas to create unique pieces of „living art“.

Past shows:

09/2019 Kultursommer Südhessen

05/2019 Sihlhalle Zürich

2018 Hirslanden Klinik Aarau (Impressions)

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